A battery-powered trimmer is a favorite for a number of people. If you ever need to get one, the WG163 GT 3.0 by WORX is sure to be among the options you will be presented with. This product review will help you decide if you should go for this Worx weed trimmer or not. I love this trimmer because it’s awesome!


The product features tell us how the product works;


The Worx WG163 GT 3.0 was designed to be very easy to use. It has a telescopic shaft and adjusting the length is possible and easy to thanks to the quick-release lever trigger. The handle has 7 locking adjustments so it can be set at the best angle that you find comfortable. It has two wheels for support and It features a guard that acts as protection.


This trimmer has a 12-inch cutting diameter which cuts very fast, you get to cover large areas in relatively lesser time. It has a single line feed that prevents bumping as when extending the line. The instant line feeding system lets you work without interruption, you only stop when you want to.


This product works well as an edger too and converting from trimmer to edger is simple. You just have to turn and lock the trimmer head and your tool becomes an edger. There are dual positioned inline wheels that make edging easier and the feature guard acts as a guide when edging.


When it comes to power, the Worx GT 3.0 is gives you so much of it. It use two Max lithium batteries, each one is 20 volts so you have 40 volts in total. With both batteries fully charged (takes about 3 hours), you are unlikely to run out of power so have a lot of run time. You do not need the two batteries at a time to use the trimmer, you use one and charge the other. Also, you can also use these batteries with other Worx tools you may have.


The weight of this weed whacker is not much, it weighs just 6 pounds so it is a very light piece. No one wants to work with a trimmer that strains them after use due to its heavy weight so it is nice that this one is as light as it is. Maneuvering will be very easy as well.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Double batteries
  • Good run time


  • Takes time to get fully charged


If you have really large areas to cover with a trimmer, this product is one you can get because it provides you so much runtime. It is very functional both as a trimmer and edger and the price is quite affordable.