Step By Step Guide How To Get To The Koh Chang

Moving to Koh Chang out of Pattaya or Bangkok? Here (below) are best wishes options for example booking tickets on Koh Chang on the web, becoming to Koh Chang out of Bangkok by bus, bus, and also shared transports from Pattaya into Koh Chang.

Prior to Going!

The Koh Chang ferry program reaches the base of the webpage, however, it is crucial that you consider the ferries operate between 19:30 and 06:00.

The low and high (moist and dry) seasons around Koh Chang have become like Pattaya. Most Useful (trendiest ) weather is from November to March. I have seen with Koh Chang at the height of the day, and yes there could be several downpours, followed shortly afterward by clear blue heavens.

Getting to Koh Chang from Bangkok

The choices are:

In the event the transport type and passing times are all suitable, 12Go offers flights, cab, big bus, and miniature trucks from Bangkok to Koh Chang, only click the connection (below) to find all of the transportation kinds and departure/arrival moments.

Bangkok Ekamai Bus Terminal into Koh Chang

Unless you will Koh Chang directly from Suvarnabhumi airport Ekamai could be really the most suitable departure point, it is the shortest path, and also only one minute walk away from the Okami BTS (sky train) terminal.

The Transport Co 999 bus into Laem Ngop Centrepoint ferry terminal transports at 09:00 and 07:45, the journey takes roughly 6 months, flights cost 250 — 300 baht. The return travel is made by the bus at 16:00 and 14:00.

The Tanakawee bus agency on Laem Ngop departs at 08:30, also yields into Bangkok (Khao San Road) in 11:30.

By Ekamai bus station to Trat, Cherdchai Tour The Transport Co and also buses leave every hour 23:30 and between 05:00.

Mini-vans to Trat leave from Ekamai 16:30 & 14:30. These trucks may cease before Trat passengers forward into the Koh Chang ferry and will soon likely be moved to some shuttle.

Should you choose the bus to Trat, then you can find cab and songthaew solutions into this Koh Chang ferry terminals, or into your own hotel. You can hit ferry out of Lam Sok into Koh Kook Koh Mak along with Koh Wai.

Bangkok Morchit Bus Terminal into Koh Chang through Trat

Cherdchai Tour buses to Trat leave 08:30 and 17:30 and come back to Bangkok at 08:30 and 14:30.

The Suvarnabhumi Burapha Bus into Koh Chang leaves the airport every day also by Koh Chang to Bangkok at 13:00.

Suvarnabhumi Burapha Mini-van into Koh Chang departs from the airport at 14:00 and 09:30, 11:00, also to Bangkok from Koh Chang at 07:00, 19:00 and 09:00, 17:00.

There aren’t any bus or van services that are mini from Don Muang to Koh Chang. Or when time allows — choose the free airport shuttle bus into Suvarnabhumi airport (have to show traveling pass) and choose the bus out of Suvarnabhumi into Koh Chang.

The Way to Access Koh Chang out of Pattaya

There are no trains, flights, or buses that are big into the Koh Chang ferry terminals or Koh Chang. Just how can you access to Koh Chang out of Pattaya? You’re able to drive to Koh Chang into your vehicle or even a car, have a taxi or minibus, utilize minivan support, or even require a bus to Trat.

Not Pattaya Yet?

If you are in need of just a little help addressing Pattaya, go through through this The Way To Access Into Pattaya Guide.

Hanging Outside in Pattaya Prior to Moving to Koh Chang?

Besides heaven, there are oodles and oodles along with scads and dozens of items to do in Pattaya, Here Is a couple advocated”outstanding” items to do in Pattaya:

Obtaining a personal taxi or minibus in the hotel or place of dwelling at Pattaya into the Koh Chang ferry terminals will probably cost between 2,500 to 3,500 baht to get a car carrying three passengers, along with between 3,500 and 4,500 baht to get a miniature bus, determined by that you reserve with.

By Pattaya to a hotel on Koh Chang by cab, add a second 600 — 800 baht.

Private Taxi and Minibus By Pattaya into Koh Chang

There is plenty of cab services in Pattaya, many will require one to Koh Chang, however here are a few organizations that have a fantastic reputation for safety and dependability.

Nam’s usage dictate by email, lady drivers.
Internet Site:

Common Mini-vans By Pattaya Into Koh Chang

Based upon one’s group’s size, minivans that are shared are the solution to find straight for a hotel, from the hotel in Pattaya on Koh Chang. You might reserve minivans at the tour and travel representatives at Pattaya, and maybe your hotel when they will have a tour table but be cautious about hefty surcharges.

Klook Mini-van from Pattaya into Hotel on Koh Chang

It is possible to reserve this service in virtually any way, therefore it is ideal for those who never understand just how long you may always be on Koh Chang. You could reserve the roundtrip transport, but time for Pattaya.

Pick up times in Pattaya are between 08:00 and 07:30, and the travel time is 5 hours. Telephones are including tickets, and 700 baht each person.

You realize, it works somewhat like the rewards apps once you reserve using Klook you get things. If you consult buddies or publish a review on your experience you obtain also a reduction in the following booking and things.


Hunt 12go Pattaya into Koh Chang. Last time that I checked that they had many taxis that were individual, also van assistance. There are plenty for example flights to Trat, minivan, and bus services from Bangkok to the ferry terminals or into hotels on Koh Chang In case you landed here on the lookout to Koh Chang.

Suvarnabhumi Burapha Pattaya Mini-van into Hotel on Koh Chang
Known as the B Rapha’ minivan’s assistance, this ceremony departs Pattaya two times every day into Koh Chang by Pattaya. The cost is 500 — 600 baht per person 1 way from Pattaya for a hotel on Koh Chang. The cost includes a bite along with a ferry ticket.

Death times are 12:00 and 08:00. Tickets may be bought on the job that will be located supporting the Numchai shop, opposite Tesco mini-mart, East Pattaya, between Soi Nernplubwan along with also Soi Siam Country Club. Koh Chang 098-268-5227, telephone: Pattaya office 092-267-8435, Trat 092-267-8423.

Buses leave from Pattaya out of Phet Prasert bus terminal at early hours of the afternoon at 05:15 and also 07:15 into Trat. The Phet Prasert terminal can be found on the southbound side of Sukhumvit street, contrary to Boonthavorn kitchen and bath store, approximately 900 meters north of this Pattaya (middle ) Klang junction.

The Phet Prasert internet site is somewhat tricky to navigate, and also you also may want Google to interpret. To Locate the passing times Phitsanulok — Rayong — Trat: Mae Sot — Rayong — Trat, along with click the hyperlinks of the following paths.

Reports indicate that it occurs in Pattaya therefore when I had been you I expect that the bus to get there and would turn. Be aware: when bikes arrive that at the office won’t be staffed, there was certainly not any terminal because a result, it is a tiny office at the medial side of the street, also throughout early hours of the afternoon.

Trat into Koh Chang: Out of Trat bus terminal into some Koh Chang ferry terminal in Laem Ngop is roughly 20 km. It is possible to choose a songthaew to the ferry for approximately 80 — 100 baht a person, or perhaps even a cab for 300 — 400 baht.

About this Google Map, Burapha minivan office, Phet Prasert bus terminal, Koh Chang ferry terminals.

The two ferry providers out of Laem Ngop around the mainland to Koh Chang are all Centrepoint Ferry,, also Ferry Koh Chang. It isn’t important what type you choose, should you shared service to a hotel on Koh Chang or choose a cab.

If you’re driving, both ferries carry foot passengers and vehicles. You may arrive in Centrepoint first, the entry road to Ferry Koh Chang is approximately 6 km beyond Centrepoint, nevertheless, the crossing period is 20 — half an hour faster, of course in the event that you’re going from the direction of White Sands Beach it has really a briefer driving space.

Departing approximately every 4-5 minutes daily. The crossing time is half an hour.
Rates are 80 baht each adult, 30 baht each child, also 120 baht to get a car.

Ferries leave every hour.

Rates have been 80 baht per adult (9 decades and above), kids under 9 years are liberated, cars 100 baht.

If you have a car or transfer to a hotel on Koh Chang there will soon likely probably be songthaew flights (like baht buses at Pattaya) waiting to shuttle you to a destination. They can cost between 50 and 200 baht, and leave when they are high, into the brim.

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