The cutting-edge cars on the market right now are jam-packed with technology, from integrated screens and Bluetooth to chargers and sophisticated music systems, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

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Whether you’re driving a brand-new automobile or an older vehicle that might use some tidying up, there are a plethora of gadgets available to help make your car feel more modern or add some wonderful functions you might require. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best for you right here.

What is the most useful automobile So Nerdy gadget? The Amazon Echo Auto is our current top suggestion. The Pure Highway 600, Arsvita Bluetooth Cassette converter, Xiaomi Mi Air Pump, and Tile Mate are also worth investigating.

Best Car Gadget is our top pick.

Amazon Echo Auto is a smart speaker from Amazon.


  • All of Alexa’s features are available in your car, including an 8-microphone array, auxiliary input, and Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Only specific styles of vent mount are suitable.

There’s nothing like going hands-free to make your life easier on the road; it allows you to get things done while on the go without being distracted. Amazon’s Echo Auto has been a constant in the US for years, and it’s finally available in the UK and EU, allowing you to use Alexa on the go.

It makes controlling the radio, setting reminders or timers, and doing anything else you’d do with Alexa a breeze, and it’s especially beneficial on school runs or commutes to keep you productive.

We also recommend car gadgets.

While we think the Amazon Echo Auto is a terrific choice for many individuals, not everyone appreciates Alexa constantly listening in. So, here are some other great vehicle gadgets that we think you’ll like.

Highway 600 in its purest form

  • Includes a hands-free microphone for versatile connectivity and easy mounting


  • Installing a DAB antenna can be difficult.

Pure provides a terrific device in the form of the Highway 600 if you’re searching for a car gadget that’s all about the music. Its Bluetooth connection to your phone allows you to listen to radio stations via DAB+, and this version also includes super-easy Spotify Connect integration, allowing you to play your music with just a tap.

That’s quite convenient, but if you don’t mind foregoing Spotify access, the Highway 400 delivers most of the same perks for a lower price.

Bluetooth Cassette Adapter by Arsvita


  • Bluetooth 5.0 functionality for your car stereo at a low cost
    Integrated battery


  • It’s going to take some time to charge up.

But, as we mentioned at the outset, we realize that many individuals drive automobiles in which a USB port or even a modern cigarette lighter is a pipe dream – for many, tape cassettes are still the standard. That’s where an adapter like this one from Arsvita comes in handy: simply put it into your deck and you’ve got yourself a Bluetooth gadget.

It’ll convert your music into a signal that the deck can understand, combining old and new technology to let you blast your tunes through a system that predates Bluetooth – that’s magic.

Mi Air Pump is a Xiaomi product.


  • It is little and light.
  • Design that is both stylish and useful
  • USB charging is convenient.


  • When it’s in use, it’s surprisingly loud.

There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a flat tyre, but thanks to Xiaomi’s Mi Air Pump, getting back on the road is a breeze. It’s easy to stow it in the glove compartment, boot, or backpack thanks to its small and lightweight design.

For those summer road excursions, the provided connectors ensure compatibility with most vehicles, bikes, and even footballs. It also has a built-in USB rechargeable battery, which makes it extremely easy to maintain charged.

Tile Mate is a program that allows you to create


  • Lightweight and practical
  • Nice and reasonably priced
  • Excellent application.


  • A subscription is required for some features.

Tile’s trackers are one of those small breakthroughs that we find ourselves putting on a variety of lists because they’re so useful in so many different areas, and it’s no surprise. In this situation, slap a Tile tracker on your car keys and you’ll be able to completely forget about losing them, avoiding the horrible rush of misplacing the keys right before you need to leave.

You’ll have plenty of range to play with thanks to the tracker’s long finding range, and it’s also compact enough to fit on your keychain. The best part is that it also works backwards, allowing you to use the tracker to make your phone ring if you’ve misplaced the phone rather than the keys.

Other automobile devices we’ve thought about

We spent hours testing and researching before deciding on what we believe are the greatest automobile gadgets currently available. We evaluate a variety of aspects when recommending gadgets, regardless of the topic area, and follow the same method before adding a new device to our top five picks. We also consider consumer evaluations, brand quality, and value, in addition to our own testing.

Many products that we test but do not make the final cut are included in our roundups. We’ve included them below since they might be a good fit for certain people.

Cocoda Bluetooth FM Transmitter Beeasy Wireless Car Charger SONRU Car Vacuum Cleaner

How do you pick a car gadget?

If you’re looking for automobile gadgets, there’s a strong chance your vehicle is lacking in the technological department. Fortunately, there are a plethora of gadgets to tackle any modern problem, but how can you choose the best one for you?

Before you make your decision, there are a few things you should think about.

compatibility with automobiles

The most critical factor to consider is whether or not your new technology will operate with your vehicle. This is primarily for audio solutions, as some stereos do not have an aux input or Bluetooth capability.

Thankfully, manufacturers are aware of this and provide a variety of solutions for practically every scenario, such as cassette converters or FM transmitters, but double-check before purchasing.

Keeping everything tidy

It’s easy to get carried away with your automobile electronics when there are so many options on the market. If you have a wide range of requirements, we suggest looking for items that provide many answers in one package.

Some devices, for example, include a Bluetooth receiver, USB charging ports, and a hands-free microphone all in one compact package. Of course, you could buy each of these items separately, but you’ll wind up with a tangle of wires to deal with. Keeping things simple creates a cleaner aesthetic and reduces the amount of troubleshooting required if something goes wrong.

More information on this story

Every item on this list has been extensively examined to ensure that it will function as a recommended option should.

We’ve considered everything, including how each model will function when utilized to improve your everyday driving experience and how it will work with different automobiles. This entailed delving into crucial specifications and features like connectivity options, quick-charging capabilities, mounting options, and so on. After that, we compared our findings to each individual price tag to ensure they were also good value for money.

It’s impossible to provide a list that works for every sort of user, but we rely on the experiences and opinions of the entire Pocket-lint team – as well as a thorough examination of the categories above – to do our best in this regard.

We try to avoid unnecessary spec comparisons and marketing lines when making these recommendations; all we want to do is provide an easy-to-understand description that provides you an idea of how each device works. Our conclusions are brief, but this is solely for the sake of brevity.

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