List Of The Best This Years Motherboards For i9-9900K

This guide is right for you if you are one of them. We’ve researched the sector and selected the best motherboards.

As the Z390 shares many similarities with its predecessor, the Z370, in addition, there are some noteworthy differences, such as service for its hottest wifi technology, blue tooth 5.0, along with also directly incorporated USB 3.1. Deciding on a motherboard that is fantastic provides a solid base for design, letting you squeeze every last ounce of performance to you.

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Coming up on our countdown,” we’re taking a look at GIGABYTE’s Z390 UD. This can be, although sure, no memorable name. Employing the socket, that one supports 9th and 8th Generation Intel Core chips, in addition to a Celeron CPUs. It, naturally, includes DDR4 memory that is dual-channel.

That 1 has pci e ultra-durable Armor, letting you place larger and more heavy video cards without worry, and here about breaking up the slots.

GIGABYTE’s Z390 motherboards feature strong aerodynamic ATX 24pin & ATX 12V 8pin + 4pin power connectors, that offer your chip an even stronger power source, that will be especially vital for if you are working. Along with Smart Fan 5 feature, the PC may maintain its performance whilst staying trendy as a result of numerous thermal detectors around the motherboard.

It’s support for RGB lighting strips enabling one to fit it and to personalize your plank. The GIGABYTE Z390 UD includes what you would need for a gaming installment.

MSI Z390-A Guru

MSI’s Pro comes alongside our count down you guessed it — that the socket that is LGA1151 up. This implies that this plank supports both the 8th and 9th production Intel Core chips, for example, i9-9900k. This 1 affirms dual-channel memory using DDR4, providing you with five slots for memory sticks.

That you’ve got something named Core Boost technology, that unites MSI circuit design and power design to deliver current. It’s a unique Audio Boost feature, and it is a processor that can help boost your performance.

There’s exactly what MSI is currently calling pci-express Steel Armor slots, which can be solder points onto the motherboard which have a grip that is more powerful — perfect for a number of the more heavy and larger video cards out on the market.

This board may look fine with almost any gambling installment, especially those at which the computer occasions are translucent or available. The plank is vented outside, and that means it is possible to make it seem nice with a few light. Reds will look cool.

GIGABYTE Designare Z390

This is an extremely slick looking plank that is likely to get any personal laptop system installation that is open-faced appear pleasant. That one uses the LGA 1151 socket type, therefore it works together with 9th Generation chips and Production.

It is sold with dual-channel unbuffered DDR4 DIMM slots for the RAM cards. In addition, it has an enhanced design having a touch heating pipe, and this works to increase heat dissipation.

This really is among those very few boards that’s currently running vents. This can be an excellent board for aspects — video editing, music gambling, visuals, and more.

ASUS WS Z390 Guru

Certainly one of the best motherboards that money can find for that i9-9900k chip could be your WS Z390 Guru from Asus. It was intended for its Gen Intel Core chips but may do the job just as fine using Production models.

It is sold they’re calling Optimization, which comprises FanXpert along with Auto Tuning 4 technology that’s in a position to deliver overclocking profiles for performance.

Additionally, it comes with an incorporated sound processor, that was made to provide stock sound quality. This usually means that you do not require a card that is music that is excess leaving room for updating facets of one’s system. It is sold with RGB light which means that you may trick out your installation.

A sus designed this plank from the bottom up, therefore, the plank works at cooler temperatures.

The MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk is just one among the best that it is possible to purchase to your i9-9900k. It has a lot of features and can be versatile from the sum of Intel chips which can be encouraged.

As you could assume, this particular motherboard, obviously, supports both the i7-9700K i9-9900K, and i5-9600K from the Generation Intel Core series. In addition to that, you won’t have any issue using chips as well.

The i9-9900k may possibly locate probably the absolute most use, although there certainly really are a range of additional CPUs that utilize the motherboard.

MSI’s Tomahawk is sold with dual-channel DDR4 memory slots, even a handful of fast M.2 slots, and subsequently, plenty of aid for overclocking. You’ve got a fairly populated IO too, offering you lots of USB 3.1 interfaces, ports for sound, monitor technology, plus much more.

ASUS TUF-Z390 Guru

When you to gambling, then you want something you may rely on when playing with the matches that are higher-end with hardware requirements. Nevertheless, the TUF-Z390 Guru was created for that. Made out of security, the Guru features plenty of components that’ll continue to keep this motherboard operating for a long time in the future. You may find the maximum performance, although it is going to work from 9th and 8th Generation Intel Core show.

You are able to use that one whilst the Asus TUF-Z390 Guru is capable of tackling the Turbo-Boost technology of Intel with overclocking technology too. There some technology in the sus Gamer’s Guardian using Safe Slot and Fan x-pert 4.

If working out gets out of control — these technologies Both sit keeping your components and the plank. The Fan Xpert4 technology brings extra capacities to maintain components, Whenever your board becomes too hot.

An additional bonus is that your definition immersive sound diversion, which removes the demands for a card.

MSI Meg Z390 God-like

We aren’t sure if the name with this motherboard pertains to its own astronomical price label or its own extreme design capacity, however, there isn’t any uncertainty that the MSI Meg Z390 god-like is, undoubtedly the best Z390 motherboard for i9-9900K it’s possible to buy at 20-19.

By pairing the 2 together, you may go past the stock clock rate of 5 GHz and reach performance using applications that are demanding and when playing matches.

The MSI Meg Z390 god-like is outfitted with professionally engineered heat sinks that supply you and station heat. You’re able to bring your motherboard to lifetime with MSI’s Mystic Light Infinity RGB lighting system, which permits you to customize your personal computer using 16.8 million colors and 2-9 effects with a Mystic Light App.

Unlike any different motherboard you’ve ever seen, the MSI Meg Z390 god-like comes with an integrated OLED display that will present the status of one’s motherboard, such as for example debug codes play GIF animations, plus much much more. The basic principles are cared for as well, for example, Killer Wireless-AC 1550 wifi and HD audio chips.


It’s no sense to get a projector if you never mean to complete the overclocking of one’s processor. The GIGABYTE Z390 UD can be our favorite budget Z390 motherboard readily available.

While it doesn’t look as flamboyant because the MSI Meg Z390 god-like, it delivers a strong base for the pc and surprises with different features we mightn’t expect you’ll watch at the price point. All PCIe magnets comprise steel protecting to supply the strength necessary to encourage graphics cards that are heavy, to begin out with.

As a result of Smart Fan 5 technology, you’re able to make certain your gambling PC may maintain its performance whilst staying trendy. Smart Fan 5 offers detailed info regarding leak speed and temperatures in the case to you, which makes it simple to understand which components are at the risk of overheating.

Concerning affordable, the Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero is difficult to beat. This high end motherboard isn’t quite as costly while the MSI Meg Z390 god-like, yet it packs substantial power, smart heating system, and faster memory service under a skin that is jarring.

This Z390 motherboard was equipped with Bearing in mind. It sports a passionate onboard clock generator that provides dynamic benchmark clocks to the CPU cores and major subdomains, enabling one to produce tiny adjustments and that means you’re able to get to the operation ceiling of one’s i9-9900K chip without undermining the stability of one’s system.

You’re still able to boost your system performance without having to spend any money, in case you know nothing whatsoever about overclocking. You select a button, and also the motherboard amounts out everything.

The ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero is packaged with connectivity choices, attributes Intel Gigabit Ethernet, LANGaurd, double M.two, USB 3.1 Gen two, and WiFi using MU-MI-MO 802.11. Additionally, it will come with a soundcard, providing you value for the money.

ASRock Z390 Ghost Gaming-ITX/ac

Because you wish to take pleasure in the power of this Intel Core CPU does not mean that you must acquire an ATX motherboard. The same as its name implies the ASRock Z390 Ghost Gaming-ITX/ac is really just a MiniITX motherboard with the chipset that is Z390, letting you build a computer that is streamlined including all of the performance you want to play with the games and also utilize the most.

The motherboard includes a 7.1 integral soundcard with support for Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 5, also a more state of the art audio-processing technology built to create exactly the exact sound experience seen in live performances, films, and recording studios into the PC.

As a result of the clear presence of this Intel 2T2R Double Band 802.11a-c wi fi chip set, you may enjoy wireless speeds up to 1.73 Gbps and service to get blue tooth 5.0.

The GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Ultra is just another smart for Intel chip that provides exceptional value and can be packaged with cutting-edge capabilities. GIGABYTE enhanced the design of their motherboard to supply the greatest performance for design fans, players, and power people.

Employing a 12 CPU power style, that DrMOS along with comprises the PWM Controller, the GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Ultra reaches power efficiency and lets you appreciate your chip.

It is possible to ignore purchasing a card thanks to this sound codec in Realtek Immersive Gambling ViBes, which may find the impedance of one’s headset and steer clear of issues like sharpness and volume. The GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Ultra motherboard supports 802.11a-c Wave two functions, supplying you with rates of up to 1.73 Gbps.

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There really certainly are a great deal of motherboards for your own Gaming Motherboard for i9-9900k with this particular list Because you may observe. Any of those can utilize the chip that the Tomahawk from MSI is among the best today, which you could purchase.

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