Having an elevator in your home was a luxury only a few could afford 20 years ago, and even then, they were quite limited in terms of utility and style. Home elevators are becoming increasingly prevalent in North America, thanks to the economy’s spectacular growth and the exponential rise in technology. This is partly due to the need for improved accessibility among older generations, such as baby boomers, but it is also due to five key practical benefits for the average household.

Benefit No. 1: Security

Many families, especially those with children, are concerned about lift spare parts safety. Installing a domestic elevator can actually increase home safety. Due to the industry’s stringent safety rules, elevator manufacturers such as GMV-North America are modernizing safety measures to ensure that customers may enjoy the convenience of an elevator in their home without fear of becoming imprisoned in the event of an emergency, such as a blackout.

“Elevator manufacturers, such as GMV, have established configurators that allow architects or homeowners to customize their products to their design tastes, down to the buttons,” says the article.

Elevators are also a viable alternative to stairwells. “According to the Census Bureau, almost half of all residences in the United States feature stairs, and the direct and indirect costs of non-fatal stair injuries total roughly $92 billion annually,” according to a Thomson Reuters report. As a result, installing an elevator in your home can be a cheap investment compared to the risk of physical injury.

Installation Partners (Benefit #2)

So, you’ve decided to install an elevator in your home and have chosen a design. However, you’re concerned about the installation procedure being too long? No worries. Elevator manufacturers, such as GMV-North America, deal with the problem through collaborations. This is made simple by partnering with installation companies like Vertechs Elevators. Due to 100 percent completed elevator packages, choosing manufacturers who use local installers reduces installation time and labor expenses.

These all-in-one elevator kits are revolutionizing the residential elevator market. Installers can cut the number of trips they make with this technology. Installers now just collect tools and parts once, resulting in cheaper labor expenses. Non-proprietary components are also available in completed elevator packages. If parts need to be replaced or serviced in the future, the installer can choose from any manufacturer. Due to non-proprietary competition among suppliers, reducing the manufacturer bottleneck for installers automatically decreases component prices.

3rd Advantage: Customizable Design

After we’ve handled your safety issues, we can go on to the exciting part: designing your elevator. Many architects, home builders, and others are concerned about whether the elevator will match the building’s aesthetic style. Elevator manufacturers, such as GMV, provide configurators that allow customers to customize their packages according to their design preferences. The depth and cab sizes can now be precisely measured by architects. Interior designers can also ensure that details are in keeping with the overall look of the home.

4th Advantage: Accessibility

Home elevators are not only attractive, but they also serve significant utilitarian purposes. A home elevator is essential for persons who require accessibility. Many people in North America value having tools in their homes that provide floor-by-floor access. The addition of an elevator also has an intangible benefit for generations approaching retirement. A GMV elevator not only makes your house more accessible, but it also allows you to age in place.

Benefit #5: Increase the value of your home

If the aforementioned advantages haven’t yet persuaded you to invest in a residential elevator, perhaps this will. Installing a house elevator will actually improve the value of your property, making it more of an investment than an expenditure. With the average age of home buyers rising due to the baby boomers, having an elevator in your property is becoming increasingly valuable. Buyers are searching for characteristics that will allow them to call their new home their “forever home” while also making it unique. If you add an elevator to your home now, you can increase its worth by up to 10% and create a showpiece that will impress potential purchasers if you ever decide to sell.


We strongly encourage you to contact our team for a free consultation now that you are aware of the advantages of building a home elevator. We’ve also included helpful pamphlets to help you understand more about GMV – North America’s outstanding packages.

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