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If you’re having trouble finding just the right name for your new baby, for the lead in your soon-to-be-bestselling romance novel, for your legal name change, or for whatever other reason you’ve got, then Namelly is the place for you! Most name-choosing aids give suggestions based on names you say you like, but what if you’re not sure what you like?

Namelly uses a complex algorithm that gauges your preferences in several seemingly unrelated topics and applies them to our database of over 10,000 names! To do this, Namelly takes into account numerous factors like language origin and meaning, but in essence it boils down to four general categories:

1. Texture – Do you prefer names with lots of hard-sounding consonants like Xander or Kirsten? Or do you like softer-sounding names like Hannah or Wesley?

2. Popularity – Do you like to go with the flow or are you nervous that there might be three other Emma’s in her pre-school class?

3. Antiquity – Are you a name traditionalist? Do you want to pick a name that has lasted for generations? Or do you want something more cutting edge and trendy?

4. Fanciness – What should I pass? The All-Fruit or the jelly? The Grey Poupon or the mustard? Do you like your names with a little extra spice, Trevor? Or are you a little more salt of the earth, Butch?

Whatever the reason, Namelly is the perfect tool to find that perfect name!

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Steven Guggenheimer




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