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Here’s all you need to know about living a stress-free life! What is psychology all about? What exactly is stress? Is my relationship in trouble? Why does everyone not feel stressed like I do? What can I do to reduce my exam stress? Can I talk to a counselor from the comfort of my own home? What can I do to increase my attention span? How can I manage my time? What can I do to bond with my child? How do I relax? If you’ve ever wondered about such questions, look no further. Dr. Rachna Singh’s Mind and Wellness Clinic presents your very own stress- busting app!

Our objective is to create stress free living for one and all – by giving the users an interface that fulfils their mental health needs by just one click- all under one umbrella! By teaching you how to manage your wide ranging hassles- exam stress, relationship stress, family stress, occupational stress- this app is a MUST for smartphone users of all ages, in various stages of their lives .. And if that is not enough, users are provided with their very own 24×7 personal e-counselor!

You might be wondering “why should I trust this application?” This app is developed by mental health professionals, Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh (Head of Department, Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon; Founder and Director, the Mind and Wellness Clinic) and Rashi Ahuja (Psychologist and Hypnotherapist), who are renowned in their field of expertise.

What to expect once you download this app?

● Stress busting games and activities
● Easy relaxation exercises
● Calming, soothing, healing music
● Myths and facts, did you know, and informative articles
● All techniques and strategies for holistic development under one umbrella
● Mental exercises for chronically ill patients
● Work-life balance strategies
● Parent-child bonding activities
● Ante/Post-natal healing
● Overcoming relationship difficulties
● Pre-marital guidance, marital conflict management
● Child and adolescent well-being
● Sexuality
● Guided therapy for psychiatric & psychological illnesses like depression, anxiety, insomnia, addiction
● Psychometric testing

After using this app, you will be

● connected to eminent counselors from reputed hospitals
living a healthy life
● managing stress effectively
● building relationships instantly
● managing time efficiently
● feeling confident
● listening to soothing music
● monitoring your daily thoughts
● increasing your concentration and attention in a fun way
Join us on a magical journey to distress with your personal wellness and counselor app!

What new in version: 1.0!



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