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Do you get befuddled by numbers in Modern Greek? Find learning number words boring? We know we do, although there’s no escaping the fact that learning numbers is an essential part of learning a foreign language.

Greek Number Whizz acts as a learning tool and a reference guide to make that chore easier, helping you to master Greek numbers through clear guides and interactive activities. Native speaker sounds are included for many numbers for pronunciation practice.

Features include:

– Number Writer: type in any number up to 999,999,999 and Greek Number Whizz will write it in words
– Multichoice: test yourself by matching a particular range of numerals and number words
– Arithmetic Quiz: take your number mastery to the next level with these tricky addition and subtraction problems presented as words
– Memory: test your short-term recall at the same time as drilling those number words
– Random Generator: enlist your friends’ help by asking them to tap a number, and asking you to read it out
– Transliteration: Not familiar with Greek script yet? Just tap the transliteration button (bottom-left of home screen) to use all the activities in transliterated Latin script

Whatever your level, Greek Number Whizz is both an invaluable tool, and a great way to make learning numbers – that chore of language learning – a lot more interesting.

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